Western Response Timeline

Jun June 27th: Tarek Mitri, head of UNSMIL, praised the well-run HoR election
Aug Aug 25th: Libya’s neighbours hold Cairo conference
Sep Sept 29th: UN sponsored Ghademes talks
Nov Nov 3rd: ISIS established in Derna and Thinni refuses to negotiate with ‘terrorists’
Nov 17th: Tweets sent by ISIS claimed responsibility for bombings at embassies in Tripoli
Nov 30th: UN’s blacklist of Ansar Sharia and Ghadames dialogue meeting
Jan Jan 19th: UN talks open in Geneva
Mar Mar 29th: UN extends arms embargo
Jun June 15th: U.S. airstrike targets Belmokhtar
Nov Nov 16th: First U.S. airstrike in Derna kills top ISIS leader
Jan Jan 27th: US Joint Chiefs advocate intervention in Sirte
Feb Feb 9th: Italians mentioned by US as lead on Sirte Intervention
Mar Mar 22nd: Italians prepared to provide 5000 troops for Libya
Apr Apr 14th: Italian FM visits GNA in Tripoli, first visit by European diplomat since 2014
May May 16th: Western powers agree to supply GNA with weapons and training to fight ISIS
May 30th: British Special Forces help destroy ISIS suicide vehicles in Sirte
Jun June 20th: Operation Sophia gets approval to inspect vessels off Libyan coast
Jul July 25th: 3 French Special Forces soldiers killed in downing of LNA helicopter in Benghazi
Aug Aug 1st: US launches campaign of airstrikes against ISIS in Sirte
Aug 29th: West reiterates GNA sole legitimate power after HoR votes against it
Sep Sept 20th: International community welcomes resumption of oil exports
Oct Oct 11th: European countries welcome Haftar’s envoys
Oct 25th: US ramps up airstrikes in Sirte
Nov Nov 27th: Haftar visits Moscow to request support and arms
Dec Dec 19th: US AFRICOM announced the conclusion of Operation Odyssey Lightening
Jan Jan 10th: Italian ambassador returns to Libya
Jan 19th: US jets destroy 2 ISIS camps south of Sirte using precision-guided bombs
Feb Feb 7th: Serraj signs MoU on migration with Italy
Feb 14th: US vetoes appointment of former Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad as new UN Libya Envoy
Mar Mar 21th: The League of Arab States, the African Union, the EU and the UN establish Libya quartet
Apr Apr 19th: US Treasury sanctions Libyan financial facilitators of ISIS
May May 2nd: Serraj briefly meets Trump
May 30th: Egypt launches airstrikes in Derna and Jufra in retaliation for ISIS attack in Egypt
Jun Jun 16th: The UN Secretary General nominate Ghassan Salame as UN Special Envoy for Libya
Jul Jul 25th: LNA Commander Haftar and GNA PM agree to a ceasefire and 2018 elections 
Aug Aug 28th: Macron hosts a meeting with EU and North African countries on the Libyan migrant crisis
Sep Sep 15th: The UN Security Council extend the UNSMIL mandate for another year
Sep 25th: Salame outlines the proposed new UN roadmap for Libya
Oct Oct 30th: The third round of ‘Libyan-Libyan’ meetings between LNA and Misrata military officers occurs in Cairo
Nov Nov 17: AFRICOM conducted airstrikes against ISIS targets near Fuqaha
Dec Dec 10th: Libyan military officers meet in Cairo for the 4th round of the Libyan army unification talks
Jan Jan 17th: The Italian parliament votes to increase its military presence in Libya
Feb Feb 26th: The US impose sanctions on several Libyans
Mar Mar 24th: The US military undertake drone strikes targeting a house near Ubari
Apr Apr 5th: UNSMIL launch its first round of ‘consultative meetings’
May May 29th: French President Emmanuel Macron hosts the “Paris” Libya summit
Jun Jun 5th: U.S AFRICOM conduct a drone strike near Eshmikh
Jun 13th: U.S AFRICOM conduct a drone strike near Bani Walid
Jul Jul 7th: Italy reactivate Qadhafi era “friendship treaty”
Aug Aug 28th: U.S AFRICOM launch drone strike near Bani Walid
Sep Sep 11th: The UN Security Council Committee sanction rebel militant Ibrahim Jadhran
Oct Oct 16th: Italy’s Prime Minister declares that his country was ready to facilitate Libyan reconciliation
Nov Nov 29th: AFRICOM conduct an airstrike killing eleven AQIM members near al-Uwaynat
Dec Dec 14th: Italian diplomat Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi is appointed as Italy’s new ambassador to Libya
Jan Jan 22nd: Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini says France has no interest in stabilising the situation in Libya
Feb Feb 3rd: French fighter jets had launches airstrikes on armed groups that entered northern Chad from Libya
Mar Mar 20th: UN envoy to Libya announces that the UN National Conference will take place in Ghadames on 14-16 April
Apr Apr 15th: US President Donald Trump had a phone conversation with Libyan National Army (LNA) Khalifa Haftar
May May 5th: UNSMIL called for a week-long humanitarian truce to start on 6 May at 4:00am (local time), coinciding with the beginning of Ramadan