Our Story

Our Story

Eye On ISIS in Libya is a pro-bono repository of non-partisan, cross checked information about  the development of the Islamic State’s offshoot in Libya as well as the other Libyan jihadi movements from which it derives and occasionally competes.

The vision for this site came about throughout the course of 2015 as Jason Pack (its founder) was increasingly inundated with questions by Western media and governments about the latest happenings about the Islamic State in Libya. As Jason had previously focused on Libyan history, economy, constitutional developments, and diplomacy, he struggled to answer these questions focused on the jihadis.  His government and media interlocutors frequently asked him if he knew of any think tank reports or any scholarly or media outlets which had definitive and comprehensive information about the Islamic State in Libya. Jason struggled in vain to recommend such a repository of information . It simply didn’t exist. There were scholars specializing in the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa and others with expertise about al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb or the spread of Salafism from Egypt westward, but because ISIS was such a new and dynamic phenomenon and Libya such an understudied country there was per force no experts dedicated exclusively to the study of ISIS in Libya. He realized there was a vast lacunae. Out of this realization Eye On ISIS was born!

Jason established a team of experts, some listed on our Team page, some who wish to remain anonymous (especially the Libyan talent working on location and conducting information gathering). Our historical information derives from proprietary weekly Libya-Analysis monitoring reports dating back from before the first band of jihadis in Derna declared their allegiance to the Islamic State. All  of our information is vetted by a network of academics, consultants and Western security experts.

EOIL has 501(c) 3 status and would enjoy your charitable tax deductible donation, which you can arrange by writing to us at eyeonisisinlibya@gmail.com.

Please watch this video featuring Eye On ISIS founder, Jason Pack, for more information about the origins of Eye On ISIS and why we feel our work is so important.