Other Jihadi Timeline

Jun June 9th: Ansar al-Sharia attempt to assassinate Haftar in Benghazi
Jul July 14th: Misratan and Zintani forces clashes over Tripoli Airport
Sep Sept 1st: Dawn announce creation of Tripoli Revolutionaries Shura Council
Dec Dec 14th: Operation Shuruq: Islamists advance on Oil Crescent
Jan Jan 5th: Heavy fighting in Benghazi and Derna employing tanks and grad rockets
Jun June 1st: PM Thinni survives assassination attempt in Tobruk
Oct Oct 26th: Benghazi demonstrators killed by mortars
Dec Dec 15th: Jihadis establish roadblocks in Sabratha
Jan Jan 5th: ARSC denied defection to IS; IS criticize BRSC
Feb Feb 9th: Mystery air raids on Derna kill affiliates of DMSC
Mar Mar 8th: Links between Ansar Sharia and BRSC clarified; decline of non-ISIS jihadis
May May 9th: ISIS withdrawn from Derna after defeat by DMSC
Jun June 6th: Hardline Eastern Islamist establish Mufti-backed Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB)
Jul Jul 18th: BDB claimed shoot down French advisors in LNA helicopter
Aug Aug 1st: Anti-GNA Islamist demonstrations in Tripoli
Aug 29th: Jihadi media release video of children allegedly killed by French airstrikes
Sep Sept 13th: Militias tensions over GNA grow in Tripoli
Oct Oct 11th: Notable Islamic scholar kidnapped by anti-Mufti militias
Nov Nov 18th: LNA retake Guwarsha gate from BRSC in Benghazi
Dec Dec 1st: Clashes in Tripoli between GNA militias and militias loyal to Sadeq al-Ghariani
Dec 26th: LNA bombs BDB fighters in Hun, provokes Misrata
Jan Jan 10th: Group of jihadist fighters fled from Sabri and Ganfuda in Benghazi; the LNA captured many of them
Mar Mar 6th: BDB launches surprise attack and seizes Oil Crescent ports from LNA
Mar 14th: LNA launches counter-offensive against BDB and retakes Oil Crescent
Mar 21th: LNA declares Ganfuda fully liberated from jihadists
Apr Apr 4th: DMSC states it only recognises the authority of Libya’s Dar al-Ifta
May May 8th: LNA launches full ground and air assault against jihadists in Sabri and Souq al-Hout
May 27th: Ansar al-Sharia announces official disbandment
Jun June 28th: The BDB announced it will dissolve itself and that some members will enlist in the formation of a legitimate Libyan army
Jul  Jul 23rd: A new video was released of notorious LNA senior commander Mahmoud al-Werfalli directing the execution of 18 prisoners of war believed to belong to ISIS
Aug Aug 28th: Misratan security forces arrested Usama Jadhran in Misrata for his alleged membership of Ansar al-Sharia and connections with ISIS
Sep Seb 5th: Misrata Counter Terrorism Unit arrested a senior member of the BDB, Ahmed Bakir, for alleged cooperation with ISIS and supplying foreign mercenaries to extremist groups
Oct Oct 23rd:  Rada arrested two senior members of the DMSC
Nov Nov 27th: The LNA conducted an airstrike on DMSC targets in Derna
Dec Dec 17th: The DMSC stepped up its anti-ISIS operations
Jan Dec 28: The LNA announced the full purge of jihadist forces from Benghazi
Feb Feb 9th: A double bombing occurred in Benghazi 
Mar Mar 18th: The LNA released details of the arrest of 16 alleged “terrorists” in the Kufra region
Apr Apr 12th: LNA forces arrested an Ansar al-Sharia  figure Salem Abdul Qaway al-Gaddafi
May May 29th: The Derna Mujahadeen Shura Council has now renamed itself the Derna Protection Force
Jun June 25th:  The leader of the Derna Protection Forces was reportedly killed
Jul Jul 25th: Airstrikes target al-Qaeda affiliates in Ubari
Aug Aug 28th:  Abdulkader Al-Zwai died following a raid on his home in Misrata.
Sep Seb 21st:  Al-Qaeda  launched an attack on senior security official in Sebha
Oct Oct 8th: The LNA captured former Egyptian Special Forces officer turned jihadist Hisham al-Ashmawy
Nov Nov 17th: The LNA undertake three airstrikes targeting an “al-Qaeda linked group” eastof Misrata
Dec Dec 6th: AQIM release  statement denying any links to those killed in the AFRICOM air strikes on 29 November near al-Uwaynat
Jan Jan 27th: The LNA claim to have killed AQIM field commander Adel Ahmad al-Abdali
Feb Feb 25th: Misratan security forces arrested suspected al-Qaeda member, Ayman Abu Amoud
Mar Mar 6th: Bosnian security services stated Nusret Imamovic had arrived in Libya sometime in February
Apr Apr 11th: Senior leader of the Benghazi Defense Brigade Ziyad Belam was seen participating clashes in Tripoli
May May 16th: Reports suggest an al-Qaeda member, Musab Mohammed Kamuka, was killed in the LNA’s aerial attack