Jun June 9th: Ansar al-Sharia attempt to assassinate Haftar in Benghazi
Jul July 14th: Misratan and Zintani forces clashes over Tripoli Airport
Sep Sept 1st: Dawn announce creation of Tripoli Revolutionaries Shura Council
Dec Dec 14th: Operation Shuruq: Islamists advance on Oil Crescent
Jan Jan 5th: Heavy fighting in Benghazi and Derna employing tanks and grad rockets
Jun June 1st: PM Thinni survives assassination attempt in Tobruk
Oct Oct 26th: Benghazi demonstrators killed by mortars
Dec Dec 15th: Jihadis establish roadblocks in Sabratha
Jan Jan 5th: ARSC denied defection to IS; IS criticize BRSC
Feb Feb 9th: Mystery air raids on Derna kill affiliates of DMSC
Mar Mar 8th: Links between Ansar Sharia and BRSC clarified; decline of non-ISIS jihadis
May May 9th: ISIS withdrawn from Derna after defeat by DMSC
Jun June 6th: Hardline Eastern Islamist establish Mufti-backed Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB)
Jul Jul 18th: BDB claimed shoot down French advisors in LNA helicopter
Aug Aug 1st: Anti-GNA Islamist demonstrations in Tripoli
Aug 29th: Jihadi media release video of children allegedly killed by French airstrikes
Sep Sept 13th: Militias tensions over GNA grow in Tripoli
Oct Oct 11th: Notable Islamic scholar kidnapped by anti-Mufti militias
Nov Nov 18th: LNA retake Guwarsha gate from BRSC in Benghazi
Dec Dec 1st: Clashes in Tripoli between GNA militias and militias loyal to Sadeq al-Ghariani
Dec 26th: LNA bombs BDB fighters in Hun, provokes Misrata
Jan Jan 10th: Group of jihadist fighters fled from Sabri and Ganfuda in Benghazi; the LNA captured many of them
Mar Mar 6th: BDB launches surprise attack and seizes Oil Crescent ports from LNA
Mar 14th: LNA launches counter-offensive against BDB and retakes Oil Crescent
Mar 21th: LNA declares Ganfuda fully liberated from jihadists
Apr Apr 4th: DMSC states it only recognises the authority of Libya’s Dar al-Ifta
May May 8th: LNA launches full ground and air assault against jihadists in Sabri and Souq al-Hout
May 27th: Ansar al-Sharia announces official disbandment
Jun June 28th: The BDB announced it will dissolve itself and that some members will enlist in the formation of a legitimate Libyan army
Jul Jul 23rd: A new video was released of notorious LNA senior commander Mahmoud al-Werfalli directing the execution of 18 prisoners of war believed to belong to ISIS
Aug Aug 28th: Misratan security forces arrested Usama Jadhran in Misrata for his alleged membership of Ansar al-Sharia and connections with ISIS
Sep Seb 5th: Misrata Counter Terrorism Unit arrested a senior member of the BDB, Ahmed Bakir, for alleged cooperation with ISIS and supplying foreign mercenaries to extremist groups
Oct Oct 23rd: Rada arrested two senior members of the DMSC
Nov Nov 27th: The LNA conducted an airstrike on DMSC targets in Derna
Dec Dec 17th: The DMSC stepped up its anti-ISIS operations
Jan Dec 28: The LNA announced the full purge of jihadist forces from Benghazi
Feb Feb 9th: A double bombing occurred in Benghazi
Mar Mar 18th: The LNA released details of the arrest of 16 alleged “terrorists” in the Kufra region
Apr Apr 12th: LNA forces arrested an Ansar al-Sharia figure Salem Abdul Qaway al-Gaddafi
May May 29th: The Derna Mujahadeen Shura Council has now renamed itself the Derna Protection Force
Jun June 25th: The leader of the Derna Protection Forces was reportedly killed
Jul Jul 25th: Airstrikes target al-Qaeda affiliates in Ubari
Aug Aug 28th: Abdulkader Al-Zwai died following a raid on his home in Misrata.
Sep Seb 21st: Al-Qaeda launched an attack on senior security official in Sebha
Oct Oct 8th: The LNA captured former Egyptian Special Forces officer turned jihadist Hisham al-Ashmawy
Nov Nov 17th: The LNA undertake three airstrikes targeting an “al-Qaeda linked group” eastof Misrata
Dec Dec 6th: AQIM release statement denying any links to those killed in the AFRICOM air strikes on 29 November near al-Uwaynat
Jan Jan 27th: The LNA claim to have killed AQIM field commander Adel Ahmad al-Abdali
Feb Feb 25th: Misratan security forces arrested suspected al-Qaeda member, Ayman Abu Amoud
Mar Mar 6th: Bosnian security services stated Nusret Imamovic had arrived in Libya sometime in February
Apr Apr 11th: Senior leader of the Benghazi Defense Brigade Ziyad Belam was seen participating clashes in Tripoli
May May 16th: Reports suggest an al-Qaeda member, Musab Mohammed Kamuka, was killed in the LNA’s aerial attack

On 17 January, it was reported that charges have been laid by Egyptian prosecutors against three Egyptian nationals accused of joining terrorist groups in Libya. Two of the defendants are at large, while one is in custody in Egypt. They are accused of holding leadership positions in al-Murabitoun and membership of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s Libya Branch). The detainee …

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