About Us

Eye On ISIS in Libya is a not-for-profit English-language repository of non-partisan, cross checked information about the development of the Islamic State’s offshoot in Libya as well as the other Libyan jihadi movements from which it derives and with which it occasionally competes. Our aim is to provide a valuable resource for governments, think-tanks, and businesses concerned with jihadi threats and their evolution in Libya. Each week, we provide updates in four sections: ISIS in Action, Western Response, Other Jihadi Groups, and The Anti-ISIS Coalition. All information comes from local sources or media reports and is cross-checked and vetted before publication.

EOIL is very pleased to be partnering with CRCM North Africa, who is a funding sponsor and with whom we have launched the identical mirror site, Libyan Jihad Monitor. We are a 501c3, New Jersey registered non profit organization and are very eager to work with other potential partners who will host, fund or link to our content.

Please watch this video for more information about what Eye On ISIS does and why we feel our work is so important.