Libya-Analysis ® is both a website with a vast repository of information about Libya and a consulting company offering bespoke report writing services.
The website features a blog about the latest developments in Libyan politics, society, and the economy.  It is also an aggregator of all of the English-language press coverage of Libya, as well as repository of all of Jason Pack’s engagement with the media and policymakers. If you would like to find out about question like the evolution of Libya’s Federalist movement or the twists and turns of the UN-negotiations seeking to form a unity government, Libya-Analysis has hundreds of articles that can get you up to speed on any Libya-related topic or can help you focus in on just the information you need.The consulting arm of Libya-Analysis ®  is created especially to help Western companies, governments, and think-tanks navigate the history, politics, and business climate of the new Libya. Libya-Analysis specializes in providing a big-picture view that lends itself to forecasting, analysis, and demonstrable results. It offer a subscription product which provides daily updates, weekly reports, and monthly threat assessments to help potential investors or deal-makers evaluate the risks of operating in the Libyan environment.  We offer our subscription product as an ‘off-the-peg’ solution or as a ‘bespoke’ solution tailored to the clients needs, interests, and preferred format.
If you are potentially interested in our subscription product contact Rhiannon Smith to ask for further details and a possible trial.Additionally, we accept assignments for all manner of historical or contemporary research. To best answer your questions we employ  researchers in Washington DC, Tripoli, Tubroq, Benghazi, New York, London, Cambridge, Rome, Dubai and elsewhere.  Furthermore, if we ourselves cannot help you, we should be able to direct to you someone who can.