Eye on ISIS in Libya is a 501c3 organisation. If you would like to donate funds or your time to Eye on ISIS in Libya (EOIL), please contact Rhiannon Smith at or

We would like to offer the time sensitive opportunity to sponsor the publication of a piece of cutting edge research about the Origins and Evolution of ISIS in Libya and what the new US Administration’s policy towards it should be. The paper has been produced by Eye on ISIS in Libya with research by Jason Pack, Rhiannon Smith and Karim Mezran, and will be published by the Atlantic Council. The paper will be read by all the key players in the Libya policy world, including the new US administration. For more information about this opportunity please contact Lydia Jabs at or

If you or your organization is interested in hosting EOIL on your organization’s website, please let us know as we are currently seeking such a partnership arrangement and are keen to increase our reach and broaden our branding to monitor all jihadi groups in Libya as well as to help formulate the incoming American administration’s policy towards Libya.