The GNA established a 3,000-strong ‘Sirte protection’ force from the BM forces that fought ISIS in Sirte. The HoR called it a ‘terrorist’ force while the LNA appointed Qadhafi-era commander to head its Sirte ops room

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The PC issued a statement condemning the BDB’s attack on the oil crescent on 3 March, however two PC members have publically said they support the BDB while GNA MoD has also been accused of supporting the attacking force .

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Jun June 21st: Haftar says 'terrorists should leave now or die here.' Mufti calls for anti-Haftar jihad
Aug Aug 3rd: BRSC overrun Saiqa base in Benghazi Aug 25th: HoR responds to the triumph of Libya Dawn by branding it terrorists
Oct Oct 19th: Hafter reverses slide in Benghazi with major offensive
Nov Nov 23rd: Haftar courts Ferjan tribe of Sirte in Dawn/Dignity wars
Dec Dec 14th: Anti-ISIS coalition between Haftar and DMSC in response to Shuruq
Feb Feb 16th: Egypt bombs Derna
Mar Mar 28th: Misrata tries to dislodge ISIS from Sirte
Aug Aug 17th: Rebellion against ISIS in Sirte
Sep Sept 28th: Heavy fighting across the east, cooperation between LNA & DMSC
Nov Nov 23rd: Assassinations in Ajdabiya stoke tensions between LNA and PFG
Dec Dec 22nd: Joint Operations Room set up in Sabratha after explosions
Jan Jan 5th: Jadhran says Haftar is as bad as ISIS
Mar Mar 2nd: LNA declares Ajdabiya liberated and makes significant gains in Benghazi Mar 29th: Misrata militias declare support for GNA
Apr Apr 5th: UN-mediated Presidential Council arrives in Tripoli
May May 9th: PC sets up operations room to combat ISIS in Sirte area
Jun June 6th: GNA reinstates Jadhran as head of PFG, advances on Sirte
Jul July 11th: LNA suffers setbacks after suicide attacks, Jadhran occupies Zueitina port
Aug Aug 22nd: HoR rejects GNA, tensions grow in Tripoli between rival militias
Sep Sept 13th: Haftar seizes oil crescent ports from Jadhran
Oct Oct 4th: Haftar and LNA continue militarization of eastern Libya Oct 14th: Khalifa al-Ghwell seizes Rixos in Tripoli in coup attempt
Nov Nov 1st: Third Force cede control of Brak al-Shatti to LNA Nov 28th: PM Serraj says PC will not submit new cabinet to HoR
Dec Dec 7th: BDB forces attempt to retake oil ports from LNA, LNA extend control to Brak al-Shati
Jan Jan 3rd: PC deputy prime minister for South Musa al-Koni resigns Jan 31st: Dialogue group agree in principle amendments to the LPA
Feb Feb 14th: Anti-GNA militias form ‘Libyan National guard’ as tensions rise in Tripoli
Mar Mar 7th: GNA condemns BDB takeover of oil crescent ports Mar 21st: Pro-GNA militias evict Ghwell from Tripoli
Apr Apr 11th: Clashes escalate between LNA and Misratans near Sebha Apr 25th: Saleh and Swehli meet in Rome
May May 23rd: GNA-affiliated forces kill up to 140 LNA fighters in surprise attack on Brak al-Shatti airbase May 30th: Pro-GNA militias evict hard-line anti-GNA militias from Tripoli