Jun June 27th: Prominent civil society activist, Salwa Bughagis, killed likely by Jihadists
Jul July 14th: Libyan Abu Mahjan Al-Ta'ifi Brigade sends 50 men to Iraq to support ISIS
Sep Sept 8th: HoR moves against the Mufti, adding an overt religious dimension to the HoR/GNC conflict
Nov Nov 3rd: Shura Council of the Youth of Islam in Derna pledge their allegiance to ISIS, most high profile pledge to ISIS yet
Dec Dec 28th: Killing of Coptic doctor and daughter in Sirte and attack on Sidra both by ISIS precursor elements
Jan Jan 19th: Coptic Christians abducted in Sirte
Feb Feb 16th: ISIS beheads 21 Egyptian Copts
Mar Mar 2nd: ISIS calls on fighters to come to Libya instead of Syria
Apr Apr 13th: Tripoli Wilaya of ISIS claim attacks against South Korean and Moroccan embassies
May May 11th: Clashes in Sirte btw Misratan 166 and local ISIS cells
Jul July 13th: In Twitter video ISIS acknowledges losses in Derna
Aug Aug 17th: Farjani uprising against ISIS in Sirte
Sep Sept 28th: Islamic State attacks the oil terminal at Sidra
Oct Oct 26th: Unidentified Jets bomb ISIS targets; executions continue in Sirte
Dec Dec 7th: In Tripoli, pro-GNC militias captured an alleged member of ISIS last week
Dec 15th: ISIS features Libya leader in Dabiq and establishes City Charter in Sirte
Jan Jan 12th: 3-day ISIS assault on oil crescent ports
Jan 27th: Execution of 25 Sirte residents in the city square for various offenses
Feb Feb 17th: ISIS fights for survival in Benghazi and Derna, consolidating its forces in Sirte and Harwah
Mar Mar 22nd: After Brussels attacks videos show ISIS fighters in Sirte distributing celebratory candy
Apr Apr 5th: ISIS attacked the Al Beda 47 oil field, demands Sirte residents attend Fajr prayers
Apr 14th: Heavy fighting between ISIS and PFG between Bin Jawwad and Sidra
May May 9th: Surprise ISIS attack on Misratan forces in Abu Grein
May 30th: Significant gains by Bunyan Marsus GNA forces reduced ISIS to 200 km of coast line
Jun June 13th: Bunyan Marsus take full control of Sirte's port
June 27th: Bunyan Marsus estimate only 500-700 ISIS fighters in Sirte
Jul July 25th: Fight in Sirte protracts as ISIS mounts SVBIEDs in Misratan-controlled areas
Aug Aug 1st: Serraj announces US airstrikes
Aug 29th: SVBIED attacks reveal ISIS strategy
Sep Sept 20th: ISIS seepage southwards confirmed by clashes
Oct Oct 4th: Dutch journalist killed by ISIS sniper

IS assassinated two more security officers Ajdabiya, bringing the number killed this month to twelve. The killings reinforce the local and tribal divisions in the Oil Crescent and threaten serious regional instability.

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