Jun June 27th: Prominent civil society activist, Salwa Bughagis, killed likely by Jihadists
Jul July 14th: Libyan Abu Mahjan Al-Ta'ifi Brigade sends 50 men to Iraq to support ISIS
Sep Sept 8th: HoR moves against the Mufti, adding an overt religious dimension to the HoR/GNC conflict
Nov Nov 3rd: Shura Council of the Youth of Islam in Derna pledge their allegiance to ISIS, most high profile pledge to ISIS yet
Dec Dec 28th: Killing of Coptic doctor and daughter in Sirte and attack on Sidra both by ISIS precursor elements
Jan Jan 19th: Coptic Christians abducted in Sirte
Feb Feb 16th: ISIS beheads 21 Egyptian Copts
Mar Mar 2nd: ISIS calls on fighters to come to Libya instead of Syria
Apr Apr 13th: Tripoli Wilaya of ISIS claim attacks against South Korean and Moroccan embassies
May May 11th: Clashes in Sirte btw Misratan 166 and local ISIS cells
Jul July 13th: In Twitter video ISIS acknowledges losses in Derna
Aug Aug 17th: Farjani uprising against ISIS in Sirte
Sep Sept 28th: Islamic State attacks the oil terminal at Sidra
Oct Oct 26th: Unidentified Jets bomb ISIS targets; executions continue in Sirte
Dec Dec 7th: In Tripoli, pro-GNC militias captured an alleged member of ISIS last week Dec 15th: ISIS features Libya leader in Dabiq and establishes City Charter in Sirte
Jan Jan 12th: 3-day ISIS assault on oil crescent ports Jan 27th: Execution of 25 Sirte residents in the city square for various offenses
Feb Feb 17th: ISIS fights for survival in Benghazi and Derna, consolidating its forces in Sirte and Harwah
Mar Mar 22nd: After Brussels attacks videos show ISIS fighters in Sirte distributing celebratory candy
Apr Apr 5th: ISIS attacked the Al Beda 47 oil field, demands Sirte residents attend Fajr prayers Apr 14th: Heavy fighting between ISIS and PFG between Bin Jawwad and Sidra
May May 9th: Surprise ISIS attack on Misratan forces in Abu Grein May 30th: Significant gains by Bunyan Marsus GNA forces reduced ISIS to 200 km of coast line
Jun June 13th: Bunyan Marsus take full control of Sirte's port June 27th: Bunyan Marsus estimate only 500-700 ISIS fighters in Sirte
Jul July 25th: Fight in Sirte protracts as ISIS mounts SVBIEDs in Misratan-controlled areas
Aug Aug 1st: Serraj announces US airstrikes Aug 29th: SVBIED attacks reveal ISIS strategy
Sep Sept 20th: ISIS seepage southwards confirmed by clashes
Oct Oct 4th: Dutch journalist killed by ISIS sniper Oct 18th: BM forces declare imminent liberation of Sirte
Nov Nov 22nd: ISIS posts images of checkpoints south of Sirte
Dec Dec 20th: ISIS attack Man Mad River control station
Jan Jan 10th: Captured ISIS fighters says missing Tunisian journalists killed in Derna Jan 17th: ISIS sets up checkpoint in Wadi Bey, hijacks fuel tanker
Feb Feb 21th: US says obtained intelligence from ISIS camps hit by airstrikes. Displaced begin return to Sirte.
Mar Mar 28th: US AFRICOM estimates 100 – 200 ISIS fighters left in Libya
Apr Apr 25th: Libyan ISIS commander, Abdullah Dabbashi, killed in Sabratha
May May 7th: ISIS ambushes Misratan fighters south of Abu Grein May 14th: ISIS hijacks fuel trucks south of Sirte