The rhetoric on both sides of Operation Dignity intensified on 15 June, when Haftar said that all “terrorists” coming to Libya should leave now or “die here.” In turn, the Grand Mufti called for “revolutionaries” to wage jihad against Haftar and his followers. Heavy fighting in Benghazi and Dignity attacks on boats in the ports of Benghazi and Derna ensued.

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Hiftar’s offensive in Benghazi targets Islamists militias such as Feb17 brigade, Rafallah al-Sahati brigade, and Ansar al-Sharia militias. These militias are mainly based on the western side of Benghazi near the main building of Benghazi University in the Gar Younis  and al-Laithi areas. Hiftar used ground forces to take on these militias, and it was reported that 120 armed vehicles …

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Jun June 21st: Haftar says 'terrorists should leave now or die here.' Mufti calls for anti-Haftar jihad
Aug Aug 3rd: BRSC overrun Saiqa base in Benghazi Aug 25th: HoR responds to the triumph of Libya Dawn by branding it terrorists
Oct Oct 19th: Hafter reverses slide in Benghazi with major offensive
Nov Nov 23rd: Haftar courts Ferjan tribe of Sirte in Dawn/Dignity wars
Dec Dec 14th: Anti-ISIS coalition between Haftar and DMSC in response to Shuruq
Feb Feb 16th: Egypt bombs Derna
Mar Mar 28th: Misrata tries to dislodge ISIS from Sirte
Aug Aug 17th: Rebellion against ISIS in Sirte
Sep Sept 28th: Heavy fighting across the east, cooperation between LNA & DMSC
Nov Nov 23rd: Assassinations in Ajdabiya stoke tensions between LNA and PFG
Dec Dec 22nd: Joint Operations Room set up in Sabratha after explosions
Jan Jan 5th: Jadhran says Haftar is as bad as ISIS
Mar Mar 2nd: LNA declares Ajdabiya liberated and makes significant gains in Benghazi Mar 29th: Misrata militias declare support for GNA
Apr Apr 5th: UN-mediated Presidential Council arrives in Tripoli
May May 9th: PC sets up operations room to combat ISIS in Sirte area
Jun June 6th: GNA reinstates Jadhran as head of PFG, advances on Sirte
Jul July 11th: LNA suffers setbacks after suicide attacks, Jadhran occupies Zueitina port
Aug Aug 22nd: HoR rejects GNA, tensions grow in Tripoli between rival militias
Sep Sept 13th: Haftar seizes oil crescent ports from Jadhran
Oct Oct 4th: Haftar and LNA continue militarization of eastern Libya Oct 14th: Khalifa al-Ghwell seizes Rixos in Tripoli in coup attempt
Nov Nov 1st: Third Force cede control of Brak al-Shatti to LNA Nov 28th: PM Serraj says PC will not submit new cabinet to HoR
Dec Dec 7th: BDB forces attempt to retake oil ports from LNA, LNA extend control to Brak al-Shati
Jan Jan 3rd: PC deputy prime minister for South Musa al-Koni resigns Jan 31st: Dialogue group agree in principle amendments to the LPA
Feb Feb 14th: Anti-GNA militias form ‘Libyan National guard’ as tensions rise in Tripoli
Mar Mar 7th: GNA condemns BDB takeover of oil crescent ports Mar 21st: Pro-GNA militias evict Ghwell from Tripoli
Apr Apr 11th: Clashes escalate between LNA and Misratans near Sebha Apr 25th: Saleh and Swehli meet in Rome
May May 23rd: GNA-affiliated forces kill up to 140 LNA fighters in surprise attack on Brak al-Shatti airbase May 30th: Pro-GNA militias evict hard-line anti-GNA militias from Tripoli